Employees Benefits

  • A Diversified Benefit System for Employees
  • Competitive salary system.
  • Employee bonus and shareholder system.
  • Award for outstanding employees.
  • Subsidies for marriages, funerals, births and hospitalization.
  • Gift voucher or gifts for birthdays.
  • Annual year end party.
  • Annual ceremonies to reward senior employees and outstanding personnel.
  • Offer compensation on car park fare.
  • Complete Insurance and Retirement System
  • Complete labor/ health insurance system.
  • Well designed for retirement system.
  • Group insurance for employees: covers medical insurance and cancer insurance.
  • Annual Physical Examination for employees.
  • A Wide Variety of Leisure Activities for Employees
  • Staff travel: offers travel subsidies for flexible travel plans.
  • Club activities: includes a wide range of activities that encourage employees to express themselves and promotes group interaction and team work, there are swimming club, badminton club & yoga club...etc.
  • Regular staff gathering banquette to promote the relationship with each other.
  • Personal Training & Development
  • Encourage employees to join training courses both internally and externally to enhance their skills or abilities.
  • Promote internal regular English conversation class and to encourage in learning interests in English.
  • Offer job rotating opportunity in overseas branches, and therefore to build up employee's global perspective.
  • Lots of Exciting Events for Employees
  • Sports Event to promote the importance of doing exercises and to keep employees in a good health condition as well as to release their stress in a good way.
  • English Communication Competition Event to encourage employees in learning English.
  • Singing competition, Christmas Party, Film watching event, NBA competition online watching event and activities on Valentine's Day to entertain employees and to make us like a big family.
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